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STAR SEAL is one of the largest and most trusted asphalt sealcoating and pavement preservation product manufactures in the world. The STAR brand is highly acclaimed in the sealcoating industry, for excellence in sealer performance, customer service and integrity. We have been dedicated to providing the sealer industry with the highest quality products since 1986 and continue to do so today. With pavement maintenance products designed for individuals just getting into the business all the way up to the veteran sealcoating professional we're confident you'll find a product that fits your needs. Choose STAR for all of your sealcoat needs!


At STAR, Inc., we dedicate ourselves to providing a superior product with consistent performance, excellent value and the highest quality in the pavement maintenance and specialty coatings industry. We are committed to providing our licensees and customers the best technical support in the pavement maintenance and specialty coatings industry. We promise to remain focused on providing the most innovative products and we will always be relentless in making our services second to none. At STAR, Inc. we will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision to stay the industry leader.



STAR will stay on the cutting edge of sealcoating and pavement maintenance technology and will be recognized in the sealcoating industry for our technical leadership. We will continue our tradition of introducing innovative products and technology to help preserve your pavement.


The sealer industry can depend on us to deliver quality and consistency in all of our sealcoating and pavement maintenance products. We shall provide professional and dependable technical support. STAR will honor our promises and expect the same from our customers and suppliers. In choosing business associates, we will seek out those with similar commitment to their respective dealings.


We will sustain our growth by working closely with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our success will be rooted in creativity perseverance and dedication in all we do.

from the president

Dear Pavement Maintenance Professional:

With immense pleasure, I invite you to visit our newly designed website which you will find informative and user-friendly. Ever since the inception over 25 years, STAR has strived to serve you to the very best in technical support, product performance and sterling customer service. The entire STAR family is proud to have you as an invaluable customer and to serve you to the best of their capabilities.

To The Star Team - Integrity Is Everything

The STAR team is much more than the individuals working in the corporate offices in Columbus, Ohio. STAR is actually all of the dedicated Licensees and their employees, a diverse family who bring to the table numerous years of knowledge and expertise in pavement maintenance and preservation. STAR Licensees have dedicated their entire business to the highest standards of quality and integrity. This stance is taken very seriously.

Over the years, STAR has offered unequalled consistency in performance, while expanding its product lines in sealcoatings and other supporting products.  STAR has risen to the challenges in today’s sealcoating industry, with innovation for tomorrow, and a commitment to doing the hard work that moves the industry forward. Changes in the economy, new regulations, green initiatives, regulatory pressures, and even far reaching issues now coming in from global clients, are what motivates the people of STAR and drives that commitment to taking on the hard issues. STAR maintains a laser sharp focus on quality assurance for their current products, and is constantly researching new products and technologies that avail the very latest developments in materials and methodology. Developing new products that solve the difficult problems faced by sealcoaters is what makes STAR one of the premier innovators in this market.


We sincerely recognize that you, our customers, have helped us tremendously in identifying and developing the products and services that have suited your needs and helped our mutual growth in the industry. It is the confidence that you have instilled in us that we offer our products and services with faith that they will perform optimally and help propel your business forward. Your guidance is ever-sought and appreciated.


The entire STAR Family joins me in wishing you all the best this sealcoating season



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