Own an International Star Seal Plant

The STAR Program


STAR, Inc. is the only company in the United States offering a Technology Licensing Program in the formulation and manufacture of sealcoating. Today there are 12 licensee plants throughout the continental United States. As a group, STAR is one of the largest manufacturers of pavement maintenance products.


These plants are independently owned by entrepreneurs who have over 200 years of combined experience in the pavement maintenance business. The licensee plants produce our flagship brands: STAR-SEAL® and STAR-SEAL SUPREME®. These products are highly acclaimed in the industry for their performance and value.


As a licensee, we provide you with unique insight and expertise in the sealcoat industry. Clearly, this is a great advantage over any competitor.

International Opportunities


Introduced some 50 years ago in the United States, the application of sealcoatings for the protection and preservation of asphalt pavements has increased significantly. Today sealcoating products and technology enjoy a wide acceptance of uses ranging from airports, and commercial parking lots to home driveways and service stations.


The sealcoating industry is relatively unknown outside the United States. STAR is committed to disseminating the benefits of sealcoating to all who are interested.

S.T.A.R. is aggressively exploring opportunities to license our technology in many emerging economies around the world.

Prospective Licensees


To qualify for our licensing program, you need not have prior experience in the sealcoating industry. However, a sound background in business is essential. Integrity and teamwork are the cornerstones of the S.T.A.R. family. We seek licensees who have the same approach and commitment to business.

If you are a qualified company outside the United States in the (asphalt) pavement industry and are able to set up a sealcoating manufacturing facility, we strongly urge you to contact us. STAR can provide you all the plant construction & set-up blueprints, technical equipment selection, demographic information, production methods, vendor information, continued quality control support, and many other benefits so you start your facility off on the right track from the very beginning. We provide our support to our licensees on a full-time basis. The licensee plants will be independently owned and operated.


We work very closely with qualified companies to:


  • Introduce the sealcoating products and benefits to end users in both the public (government) and the private sectors.

  • Set up sealcoat manufacturing operations under our Technology Licensing Program.

  • Our program is designed to ensure your success. S.T.A.R. pledges to market and manufacture the best products available to the industry.


Support Functions


We provide support with engineering layouts, formulation, and quality control. We provide a detailed and technical business plan from the conceptual thought to the operational & manufacturing stage.


Our success depends on your success, so we have an inherent interest in providing you with the tools you will need to succeed. We will help you set up operations in the most economical manner. "Turn-key" operations are available.

STAR’S Technology Licensing Program is not a franchise program. We support you in all technical and production matters but do not restrict you in your growth in the areas, which are unrelated to sealer production.  You pay a fee only on the gallonage of sealer produced in your plant, not on the total revenue of your company.  You have the full autonomy to run your business and control your future and profits and growth. We are proud of many resources that we offer to our prospective licensees for their company’s needs and support; a huge knowledge and experience base with our STAR Family of Licensees, state of the art research facility, and sterling name in the industry. 

How Much Does It Cost?


We can often save you more than the cost of our start-up fees when compared to starting a manufacturing operation on your own.


Call 1-800-759-1912 for open locations and territories.


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