Hercules Opens a New Distribution Center

Hercules Sealcoat Manufacturing, Inc., a member of STAR, Inc., today announced it has opened its 2nd asphalt sealcoat facility in ATLANTA, GA to directly market its premium brand of STAR-SEAL products in Alabama, north Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and east Tennessee.

The opening of the Fulton Industrial Store (Atlanta, GA) marks an important phase in the expansion of the STAR-SEAL brand. Contractors are constantly looking more hours in the day. Our one-stop solution is simple – excellent service and consistent, quality products near them.

The new Fulton Industrial store carries STAR-SEAL, STAR-SEAL SUPREME, STAR-SEAL TRITON asphalt sealers, striping paints, crack fillers, tools, signs and anything else a contractor may need.

Hercules Sealcoat is the 2nd longest continually owned and operated sealcoat plant in the southeast (STAR SEAL of FL is the 1st). With a 30-year track record, quality conscious contractors have chosen us for generations. We are proud to have earned their trust.

“When your reputation’s on the line, quality is everything.”

We look forward to serving you!

Hercules Sealcoat Manufacturing, Inc. | Star-Seal

4405 Fulton Industrial Blvd

Atlanta, GA 30336

Plant: 770-455-6551

Store: 470-437-2817 (Anthony)

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