Simply defined Additives are materials added to enhance the properties of a product. In this article we will be discussing the materials that are added to boost the performance of sealcoatings which may be based on refined tar, asphalt or any other resin. The use of additives in sealcoating coincides with the very inception of sealcoatings in the 60’s. Additives based on specialty latex/rubber polymers have been a part of the FAA Specification since the early 1970’s. Over the last few years, there has been a concerted momentum by materials suppliers to offer a class of products and chemicals that are designed specifically to boost the performance of sealcoatings. The use of such products, which are called “Additives” have enabled sealcoating professionals to apply sealcoatings even in unfavorable ambient conditions and still accomplish the optimum performance. Although it may appear that most of the additives are supplied to make the sealer dry fast and set faster but that is only a part of the benefits provided by Additives.

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