Traffic Paint

Star manufactures Acrylic, latex-based and Alkyd-based traffic & line marking paints for the professional line striping contractor. The Star line of traffic paints meet federal specifications and have excellent brightness, hiding and fade resistance characteristics. We offer a full range of colors to meet the specifications and requirements of any commercial parking lot or road marking project. Browse our product line to choose the right material for your project.


Star manufactures water-based traffic paints for the professional line striping contractor. Products include STAR Brite, a water borne, TT-P-1952 B compliant traffic paint; and STAR Brite Plus, a fast drying, water borne, TT-P-1952 D,E compliant traffic paint.

Star Brite


An acrylic, latex-based with exceptional hiding properties.

Meets FED SPEC.TT-P1952b


  • Bright, highly visible line striping

  • Solid Hiding-Power

  • Excellent durability

  • Non-Bleeding performance

  • Ease in application and clean-up; water-based

Star Brite Plus


Premium Grade. High Solids, Fast Drying, Meets ASTM 1952D, E


Very fast drying (3-4 minutes), 100% acrylic latex traffic paints

with excellent brightness, hiding and fade resistance




  • Fast drying. Has been approved by various states.

  • Excellent for night time application.

  • Excellent durability and color retention.

  • Excellent adhesion to glass beads.

  • Non-bleeding performance.

  • Bright highly visible lines with solid hiding power.

  • Low toxicity, Low Volatile Organic Content (V.O.C.) per gallon. Low air pollution.

  • Low flammability

  • Ease in application and clean-up, water - reducible.

Alkyd/Solvent Based

Star manufactures two Alkyd/Solvent based traffic paints for the professional line striping contractor. Products include STAR Permaline, a quick drying paint that meets Federal Spec. TT-P-115F and TT-P-85E; and STAR Chlorinated Rubber Based Traffic Paint, a low VOC formula with oustanding chemical resistance and exceptional adhesion qualities. 

Star Permaline


Meets TT-P-115F, 85E


Alkyd Based Traffic & Line Marking Paint




  • Quick Drying

  • Solid hiding power

  • Long lasting

  • Bright and highly visible traffic markings

  • Ready to use. Easy to apply. No special modifications to application equipment is required


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